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Thank you South Boulder for a memorable Sidewalk Social!

Our big event with food, music, sales, and activities was on September 19 and we were thrilled to see the joy on people's faces. Now you can, too, at the new Portraits of South Boulder page.

For archival details on the event, visit our #SidewalkSocial page (English | Español).

It’s about healing

SoBo Rising is a coalition of over three hundred South Boulder residents bringing positive, constructive events to our Table Mesa neighborhood to promote healing and reconnection in the wake of the King Soopers tragedy in March 2021. While we know we must be respectful of the need to memorialize the area of the shooting, we also know from other tragedies that revitalizing such sites can help a shocked community regain a sense of control and identity.

Our volunteers have already worked with the Museum of Boulder to gently take down and preserve the memorial fence and helped install the Flower Splash with the City's Public Art Program. But we're most excited about two events sprung from the imaginations of SoBo Rising members:

  • SoBo Sidewalk Social (September 19) - Enjoy small bites, local bands, sidewalk chalk, massage, and more while you stroll around the shopping center.

  • Table Mesa Shopping Center Mural (September 6-12) - In conjunction with Boulder Mural Fest we're coordinating an artistic rendering of the indomitable South Boulder spirit.

Both events will also be raising funds to support those directly impacted by the shooting.

It’s about identity

Many of the SoBo Rising coalition are decades-long residents who have seen the area add new housing, new transportation options, and new trail networks. Yet, South Boulder still lacks the cultural attractions that can compare with the activities of Pearl Street mall or the Boulder Creek path, or even the First Friday Artwalks of the NoBo Art District.

SoBo Rising is about using the King Soopers tragedy as a catalyst for finding small but meaningful ways to transform our shopping center into that missing cultural hub. It’s about rejecting fear and hatred and welcoming new kinds of neighborly interactions to lift the spirits of our community.

It’s about you

SoBo Rising needs your energy. We seek creative individuals with clever ideas for hosting cultural events in and around our busy shopping center. A wiz at marketing? We need to create a buzz around the Sidewalk Social! Good at crowd control? Help us plan for safe and easy pedestrian- and bike access to the shopping center during our events. Sharp at cutting through red tape? Help us convince Walgreens that after five years of disuse, it's time to lend the corner of Table Mesa & Broadway to a good cause.

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