Huge thanks to

Eric Boelts at Brain Bolts for the Sidewalk Social graphic design

Howard Bernstein and his local law firm for securing us non-profit status

Swank Ink Screen Printing for the t-shirt design and printing

D&K Printing for rendering our Sidewalk Social posters

Dana Derichsweiler and the South Side Walnut Cafe for meeting space and advice

Patti Bonnet for spotlighting us in the Boulder International Film Festival

Luke, Christopher, and Jeff at W.W. Reynolds properties for their guidance and accommodations


  • Mandy Vink and Noreen Walsh for involving us in City of Boulder projects

  • Anika McEwan and Tinker Art Studio for posters and stickers

  • Tom Kunstman for all of the ideas and connections

Want to lend your support?

Please email us at info@soborising.org with your ideas. For financial contributions, please see our Donations page.