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Return by September 1 to your assigned SoBo Rising volunteer or if that doesn't work, email to

Sidewalk Social Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

Sunday, September 19 - 11 AM to 5 PM

How many people do we expect?

Between 500 and 2000 attendees. We’re working on ways to get RSVPs to improve our estimate a week before the event. We are arranging extra security, porta-potties, and trash pick-up to handle the extra people at the shopping center.

Will I need to modify my hours of business?

This is entirely up to you - no participation in this event is required. If you are typically closed during our event hours, please do advise our team if you plan to be open.

What are the COVID-19 Protocols?

We will be closely following the Covid-19 rates in Boulder County and following any event directives from Boulder County Public Health. If there is an indoor mask requirement we expect your business to comply with local requirements. If there are any sort of outdoor requirements such as social distancing or limiting of people the SoBo Rising Team will be managing this.

How will this event be promoted?

We are planning to have posters and flyers for you to display and distribute from your business by Friday September 3. We will be posting them around the community, as well as on social media platforms such as Next Door, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have been in contact with local newspapers and will also have some light advertising the week or two beforehand.

Will there be t-shirts?

Yes! We're using elements from the poster design to create t-shirts for volunteers, business employees, and the public. Volunteers t-shirts will be free. We'll have shirts ready for pick-up by Wednesday September 15 at the latest.

How can I promote my involvement?

We highly encourage you to share your enthusiasm for this event! Along with the promotional materials you will be given to distribute, we will provide you with some language and images to share in e-newsletters and on social media.

How will parking be impacted?

We are working closely with WW Reynolds to impact parking as little as possible. We will have a few locations of groups of parking spots that are blocked off for event flow. We are also working to have volunteers helping with traffic flow and patron safety.

Should I decorate my storefront, especially if we're not open on Sundays?

Yes, definitely! But please be sensitive to the varying levels of grief that people are still experiencing six months after the tragedy. So, while we want to avoid overly somber symbols like funeral flowers, we also want to resist the party-like atmosphere of a balloon arch. Think supportive, caring symbols that celebrate the South Boulder community.